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“We started off by being very inspired by music and the theatricality of performing on stage. We were really wanting to feel something that was really vibrant and alive and about lighting and connectivity.” “I think clothes are sometimes an escape and a release. And then I think I think they’re the reality. What can they be in that reality? For me, it was about making something protective, and healing, and an urgent sense of wanting to go forward.”

San diego zoo wildlife alliance shirt

“It’s 87 percent sustainable, this collection, which is my most sustainable yet. I’m so chuffed. I hope nothing was compromised. You shouldn’t see any of the sustainability. It should just look like the most glamorous show.” “I started thinking about when I first moved to New York in the ’90s. Even then, women didn’t want to be restricted, so we spent a lot of time developing fabrics that had all kinds of stretch and pieces that you could wear in different ways. I wanted it to be really focused.”

San diego zoo wildlife alliance s Hoodie

“It’s about this feeling that there’s going to be a fight, and it’s going to be a long one. So, it’s about expressing that passion and giving clothes for the moment to prepare to fight, because that’s what it’s about: no apologies.” “We’re just talking about the idea of energy, of joy, of sensuality; these things that sometimes we feel are lost in our lives, to be honest, and we’re trying to find a way to get them back.” “It was a real labor of love, I suppose. It was almost cathartic for us to put all of our emotions of mourning into it. We wanted it to have that kind of real craftsmanship, the beauty of royalty, and to try to turn all of the shapes and embroidery that we do into that kind of that idea of uniform dressing up they did when her father [King George VI] died.” “When you’re proposing more options aesthetically people open their minds in other ways too. They become more empathetic.”

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