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I adored girls and loved older women and never have had any desire to be with a guy. My first girlfriend was Stacey M in kindergarten, then Natalie A in the 3rd thru 5th . Then Brooke H in the 6th – 8th grade. What attracted me to them was the fact they were the girly girls who wore dresses most of the time and were very pretty. All of which wore mostly nylon panties which was easy to see under the short dresses and over the tops of the pants they wore. I remember telling Natalie that I saw her pretty silky panties once and she asked me if I liked them and I told her absolutely I did and she like showing me the backs of her panties when she got new silky ones. Again, nothing sexual in nature; we were very innocent and naive.

Boomer Schooner Doodle T-shirt

I don’t remember much after that but every opportunity I had to either wear my mom’s or my cousin’s panties, I did. I never got into the dirty clothes hamper thing, only clean ones. It was nothing sexual in nature like some stories on the internet but it was a fascination of how the nylon panties felt on me. I wasn’t into the make-up and wig thing and trying to look and act like a girl. I was more of a boy that loved wearing nylon/silky bikini (at the time) panties. This continued until I got caught and punished by my parents; brothers never found out. I suppressed my desires of wearing nylon panties until the end of my senior year in high school when I noticed a pair of sky blue nylon bikini panties with a flower embroidered in the front in the lost and found at school. It took a few days before I took them and remember they were the prettiest panties I had seen in a while. I went to a private school and all the girls there came from wealthy families and knew they were quality panties. They were clean, but I took them home and washed them and they became My first pair of panties. I was only into panties at the time. It wasn’t until I moved out and was on my own, experimenting with my new found freedom and privacy that I started to expand my fascination/fetish to other articles of lingerie.

Boomer Schooner Doodle T-s hoodie white

I can start by telling you that I have always had a thing for silky lingerie. It started when I was probably 7 or so in the late 60’s. I began to notice lingerie when I was playing in the back yard and saw the colorful panties and slips and stockings drying on the clothes line; I remember touching the nylon panties (my mom’s Vanity Fair briefs) and knew they were different than what I wore and wished I had something like this to wear in my size. I remember my mom walking around the house wearing her nylon Vanity Fair matching gown and robe; Occasionally just in her thin gown I began noticing the outlines of her panties and bra under her gown remembering how I wish I had pajamas like that. My cousin, who is 6 years older, wanted dress me up for Halloween as a princess for a costume party at church and knew this was my chance because everyone thought it would be fun. It is crazy, I still remember to this day that she had everything on her bed that I was going to wear; Matching white bra, panties and full slip, pantyhose and a dress. She first put a bra on me and we stuffed the tiny satin cups with tissue, she put a full slip on me and then a white Easter dress of hers. I then made the comment that my underwear didn’t match what I was wearing and asked her if I could wear the matching white panties that were on the bed. She agreed and I took off my cotton underwear and when I started to pull the white nylon panties up my legs and into place, I was hooked. She then finished by putting pantyhose on me, wig and make-up.

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