Santa’s Reindeer Sleigh all day Christmas shirt

question: What kind of things determine what is in fashion, and what should we be wearing? I have always dressed in the Santa’s Reindeer Sleigh all day Christmas shirt In other words fashion I feel comfortable in…….. My philosophy has been to dress well in casual environments, to dress appropriately in formal or semi formal occasions and to be comfortable when I’m home relaxing. I’ve had friends who dressed in home clothes, or casual when we have socialised together, and I have dressed smart casual or semi formally! And, this has always been acceptable. In particular, in modern times, one can comfortably attend the theatre in very casual clothes, whereas we once expected everyone to be dressed semi-formal! My daughter is not as fashionably inclined as me, and whenever we go anywhere she is always more casual than me, and who cares? In fact, it is totally acceptable, we should never impose our style upon anyone else. My point is that you should always dress to suit yourself, and not worry about what others will wear or think. As to the fashion of the day, this can change dramatically, month to month, and so this is something that you can either work with and follow, or decide that you know what you feel comfortable wearing, and go with it!

Santa’s Reindeer Sleigh all day Christmas shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

Santa's Reindeer Sleigh all day Christmas shirt

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