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If you’re not locked into a specific part and enjoy shifting it around depending on the hairstyle, keep in mind that the shorter your hair the more significant of an impact your part will create, says LaFond, adding that this is because the length of your hair will change on the sides when you flip your part. For Russell, the way he parts his one-length, hip-grazing hair comes down to practicality. I generally like a center part because it stays off my face, he explains. I can easily tuck it behind my ears or wear it down.

Philadelphia Baseball Philly Downtown Skyline 2022 Shirt

Anytime you are parting the hair, be sure to part the hair all the way back to the crown of the head in order to give balance to the hair, says Tran. In terms of doing so neatly, a rattail comb can be useful in helping you achieve a precise line from the forehead all the way to the crown, which is the highest part of the scalp.

Philadelphia Baseball Philly Downtown Skyline 2022 Shirt Hoodie den

Who’s to say what makes a woman look more beautiful poses LaFond. It’s really about how she feels. For LaFond, parting one’s hair is less about symmetry and face shapes and more about personal comfort and the way someone sees themselves. I personally wear my partings depending on what makes my hair look bigger, because that’s when I feel my most beautiful, she explains. When I work with a model on set I always ask her where she likes to part her hair because I know that if I part it where she feels the most comfortable it will make room for her to be her most confident self.

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