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My friend and I were studying in the library in the back section, sitting on some big, bean bag chairs. We had taken our shoes off to get more comfortable while studying. Another friend came to join us a while later and sat between where our socked feet were resting. He took off his shoes and his socks and wiggled his bare toes at us. I remember that he had weird-shaped toes. He then began to tease us and tickle our socked feet and getting little reaction. A moment later, my socks and my friend’s socks were tugged off and bare feet tickled. We tried to kick his hands away from our feet, but he was relentless.

Drive me nuts john coltrane shirt

A librarian came by and told us to quiet down or leave. She saw that all of us were barefoot and said to put our socks and shoes back on our feet. Before we could grab our socks and shoes, our third friend grabbed them and ran off barefoot. My friend and I had to walk barefoot to our next class and get laughed at by our fellow classmates and teacher. i mean i was sa’ed when i was 12/13 or whatever in a library but that’s not really something i’m too thrilled to talk about I don’t know about inappropriate but “someone” threw their book bag at me once in junior high- I do remember who did it (yes a mean boy) but no teacher was in there when it happened – so anyways it hurt, I cried, everybody laughed and it was embarrassing and to this day I don’t know why they did it- they teased me off and on but they never did anything like that before- no I wasn’t provoking them, it wasn’t retaliation – I was sitting quietly reading – I had a black eye for a week- our class was in there for some reason and we could sit on the floor if we wanted – (I was sitting with my back against a shelf) – yeah it was pretty cringe 😬 i told my mom but she acted like it wasn’t a big deal- she didn’t call the school or anything- (this was probably 1987) so I just had to suck it up and go on with my life 🤷🏻‍♀️

Drive me nuts john coltrane s Hoodie

It didn’t happen to me but to someone I knew and it happened while I was working in the library. Academic library, I was a student at the time doing work study work and the person this happened to was also a student but was studying in the very visible and public study space in the library. They were handcuffed to their chair by another student who came up behind them. And while bewildered as to what was happening they were then photographed and released. No words, no explanation. The student came to me after, because they knew me, and said what had happened and that they were feeling violated. I called campus security who came and talked to both students. The other student was doing an experiment for a photography class (handcuffing people was not the assignment, that was a choice), trying to get specific candid expressions in photos. They got really scared when security was called and apologized. They weren’t charged but strongly asked not to do that anymore, and asked to delete the photos.

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