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I’m not a BTS hater, not a fan either. I love their music, their costume sense, and their looks too. But the main reason why people hate BTS now is because of their TOXIC FANBASE. Lemme show you some images : and more are there !!! These fangirls think that BTS is the best thing in the world. Hell nah ! There are tons of others singers better than them. I bet these fangirls have never heard of Michael Jackson. Some think that V is the most handsome person in the world. Lol really ? Ever heard of Chris Hemsworth or Shahrukh Khan ? They started attacking PewDiePie and xxxtentacion fans. But why ???? Are they jealous. I even find these toxic fangirls in random videos of youtube, which has no connection with BTS.

Best san Diego Padres vs. Philadelphia Phillies NLCS loan depot champions 2022 shirt

And most interesting thing is that most of the fangirls, who give death threats are of the age group 10–15. C’mon if you are a huge fan of them, you can admire, why being jealous of other singers ??? Sometimes these haters come to bark , and you have to fight back. But why need to mentally harass them ?? Why are you spreading fake rumours like BTS spent 300 million on charity etc. ??? I will never know. 1 – He is apparently obnoxious. People say this because he calls himself handsome a lot ( I would too if I had his face ). He has admitted that he says it as a confidence booster and that he feels embarrassed after saying it as well. 2 – He can’t dance. This one annoys me, because most of the people saying this wouldn’t be able to do majority of the choreo he does. Though he wasn’t trained in dance beforehand, he is a really good dancer under the circumstances. Even though he isn’t as comfortable dancing as the others, he still does really gruelling choreo, it’s just that free styling isn’t really his thing. 1 – He is cold hearted. I think it’s really immature of people to say this, because obviously they haven’t put in time to get to know him. You should judge someone when you don’t know anything about them. He is quieter than the other members most of the time, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t participating, or that he doesn’t care. He takes care of the members in a more subtle way which is a characteristic that he learned from his father. If he was cold hearted, or didn’t want to be in the group, he wouldn’t work as hard as he does. Bangtan clearly means a lot to him and people shouldn’t assume that he doesn’t just because he doesn’t talk about his feeling as much.

Best san Diego Padres vs. Philadelphia Phillies NLCS loan depot champions 2022 s hoodie

Some people might answer this question like , “We hate BTS cause of their toxic fanbase” , First of all I agree that most kpop fans act like saesangs and they seem really toxic but you can’t just blame the whole fandom cause of the other fan’s stupidities ? Like bruh seriously ? And how is it BTS’s fault if some of their fans act like saesangs it’s not up to them , there are different types of people in this world just because some people are toxic and bad that doesn’t mean everyone is like that . Mostly, hating BTS is always not because of their fans it’s because BTS are Korean people , those people hate BTS cause they are Asians or also because they’re the first kpop group to reach THIS type of success . Haters are born to be jealous not just towards BTS but to every artists , haters harass them with their mean comments . They never have any accurate reason to be so harsh , most haters are just jealous . And some of them act as if no guy in this world wears makeup and piercings 😒 like Sharukh Khan also wears makeup and there are more male artists who do , so normalize these things by now it’s 2021 soon to turn 2022 , learn to be open minded people!. Haters want to be BTS , Haters are jealous of their success without knowing , Haters are just disgusting ; I’m not saying not stanning BTS makes you a bad person it’s just that people need to show respect to them and other artists who they hate for no reason . Artists go through a lot trying to be successful mostly kpop idols , they go through rough times , they sacrifice so much to reach their dreams , don’t you think all kpop idols and non-kpop idols should get the respect they deserve ? If you don’t agree then you don’t have a kind heart , your selfish , jealous and arrogant. Kpop is a genre that also needs to be normalized , people ask kpop fans “It’s all Korean how do you understand these stuff?” , like Don’t people listen to Spanish songs do they understand that? Music has no barriers no matter what language it is , it doesn’t matter ! Music is Music if you wanna understand see the lyrics in English and see how beautiful the meanings are . Also most haters say that some ARMYs or kpop fans are dramatic saying BTS or another group save their lives , you don’t know what’s going on in other people’s life you have no right to say that! Maybe that group or person really saved them you don’t know that , you don’t know what that person is going through so don’t make your own stupid opinions. I hope these stuff gets normalized in the future and I hope people and idols get the respect and love they deserve , please everyone let’s make this world a better place as far as we can ! There’s no need to be so close minded and racist all the time , please bring yourselves to be better people , BTS or other idols didn’t do anything to harm you or others so please be friendly and respectful towards them without thinking about some of their toxic fans . Thank you for reading ☺️✨✨

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