2020 Trending Tees – Official motogp 63 Francesco Bagnaia World Championship 2022 T-shirt

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I bought this case for a trip to San Diego when I knew I was going to be kayaking and wanted to take pictures without the risk of getting my phone wet in case I got splashed by a big wave or fell into the water. . I love that this case has a lanyard so I can wear the phone around my neck while kayaking, and it promises that you can still use the phone as usual even though it’s in a plastic case. When it arrived, I tested the case by placing a tissue inside the case (not my phone!) and dipping it in water. The tissue is completely dry! So the case worked exceptionally well during my travels. I have clear photos and videos when I open the case and my phone is bone dry. I actually told all my friends to get this case!

Official motogp 63 Francesco Bagnaia World Championship 2022 T-shirt

The Roll Keeper Organizer is for anyone with a large t-shirt collection and limited storage space. With this, you’ll be able to see all your t-shirts at once, which makes getting ready in the morning a lot easier. Roll Keeper is a small, woman-owned business from Kelso, Washington. Watch a helpful video that shows you how to load and unload a Scroll Holder! Before I got this, I drove myself up the wall with my bad folding habit. I basically stuffed all my shirts in the storage drawer under the bed, because I have a tiny closet and the photo above gives you a solid idea of ​​how small it is. This has given me a huge amount of clothing storage that I didn’t have before. Great quality and Traci is the 10/10 most thoughtful people I’ve bought an Etsy product with!

Official motogp 63 Francesco Bagnaia World Championship 2022 T-s Hoodie

A pack of hydrocolloid acne patches if you have a big presentation or a tomorrow and really want that pimple gone, please! Just stick one of these two creams on your acne before going to bed, your acne will shrink in size and be less red in the morning. I have written at length about how Nexcare patches are the holy grail of acne patches and my opinion remains unchanged after trying BH Cosmetic’s new hydrocolloid product. HOWEVER, even I will admit that Nexcare patches aren’t exactly…cute. They don’t inspire selfies or Instagram stories the way BH cuties do. I received a package with purple flowers, silver butterflies, and pink hearts, but there are several options.

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